Thursday, August 25, 2011

WHY M I LIKE THIS? (or for that matter why is my life different?)

Did you ever come across situations where your heart says it shouldn't be a problem (makes you happy) but your brain gives you 1001 reasons that it's wrong and problems are gonna accompany?

Did you experience situations where everything falls into perfect place (you feel nothing has felt so right until now)?

Did things happen according to you, your wants and your wishes?( in the initial days?). If so why must things turn opposite as days go by?

If things are not meant to be they say it will never be (I quite agree too) but why does it feel so so right and why does things fall into right places then?

Why must one get hurt and keep feeling the pain (if you know the hurt feeling is not permanent)?

Why can't situations remain the same? Why can't the same right feelings prevail throughout? (I so hate these whys)

Why must one's life change in the blink of an eye (does it change in such a short while)?

Why am I unable to change things, my thoughts, my wants, my wishes?

Why am I always at the crossroads of life? (I take the most likely (good) path and in the end why does this very good path prove wrong?

Why can't I take the right path? (Don't I have powers over myself; my thoughts, wishes?)

If and only if I had not taken that path (the supposed right path)

Why can't I decide and decide well? (I know I have to include family's decisions too)

Yet again my page is filled up with the Whys and Ifs of my life. Life would have been much simpler, easier and happier if the Whys and Ifs doesn't exist in this world!

Sigh! My life is different ( Is it from you all?)

♥ K

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