Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I remember your love

You were my true love

You loved me truly

I am sorry I couldn’t read your love

You showed me in 1000 ways you truly did love me

But why was I blind?

Why couldn’t I see your true love?

Why did I torment you?

Why didn’t I know your love for me was the most genuine of its kind, the true ‘honest’ kind?

When I was down you made me laugh, have smiles

When I wanted to have an ice-cream you would bring me ice-creams of all flavors

When I was angry, you would be the clown and make me laugh till my stomach hurt

When I ordered you, you obliged

When I was drunk ‘senseless’ you would carry me on your back

When hungry you made me my favorite dish

Why couldn’t I then feel your true love?

I took for granted your love

I was obsessed, immersed and so full of myself that I couldn’t understand your true love

I took advantage of your love, your true love

I scolded you, demeaned you but you held on to me

Why? Because you loved me truly, madly n deeply

What kind was I made of, why couldn’t I realize your love?

What invisible factors blinded me?

You with your fair skin and ah! those looks girls dug in

You dug me and I was a stupid fool, the biggest fool ever to have taken advantage of your love

When I cried, you cried along, you were not ashamed of your tears because it came from your heart, because you couldn’t stand my tears and because you loved me

But I was a girl of the most stupidest nature, I couldn’t see your love, just couldn’t

(Oh! God why did you make me so thick skinned, why couldn’t you let me see his immense ‘true’ love?)

I betrayed you badly, I know sorry will not be enough but I AM SORRY, truly am!

I am sorry I hurt you; I hurt you bad, real bad

But it was not intentional, I did not intend things, it just happened, my stupidity you could say.

I know am to be blamed for and I know God will punish me in every possible way to have hurt you

And I will accept the punishment, I deserve it

I can’t have you back in my life because I am ashamed, I treated you badly

And most importantly I am not worthy a girl for you!

You deserve a girl above me, way above, a girl with all the qualities you wish for

Tears accompany my life now and there is no one to wipe my tears

I deserve it for having made you cry all those days

I am really sorry, please accept my apology and forgive me!

I wish for good things to accompany your life, may your life be filled with much love, luck and happiness

May God be with you and bless you

You will always remain in my heart, I will always remember you

You are the bestest thing that ever happened in my life

You will always occupy a special place in my heart, you were the one!

I will miss you so much

You just take care of yourself; my prayers are always with you

May God be with you!

Love always

Writing is not a piece of cake or is it for some?

So many a times I held back ….

Now, I think it is time for me to be up, writing and posting

Amongst the many thousands here

Pen down My Thoughts and not keep it inside

Been reading articles and enjoying thoroughly

Now, guess I will have to post something the readers will find interesting

Would something on love pique the readers’ attention as always?

Because love (fiction and non-fiction) is fascinating and is happening around the world,

In love we share the same language or something on politics would be of interest?

Would a poem (universal) do wonders?

Well, well here I go again beating around the bush


Must gather all my wits and post something now

Because writing is not easy, reading is!

Oh! I love reading and love writing!

But I fear the latter

The fear is holding me back.

But now I feel I need to overcome it

And give a try

What say dear writers and readers?

(Author’s note: Had written it a long time back and I still can’t post much articles, sigh)

This makes me say:

Least did she expect that love can hit her once again, enter her life once again.

But this time his love for her made her fall for him. His constant care, support, love made her open her otherwise closed heart.

She now believes that time indeed is a true healer.

She doesn’t even remember as to why she had been so hurt before and why she had let her heart in the closed state for long.

But she knows it is all due to his love. He just loved her no matter and now she is yet again experiencing love all over!

She was really sure that her heart would remain closed forever but now she has a different story to tell, a new song to sing, twinkle in her eyes and an open heart!

Her in-box is always to the brim with his messages, sweet loving messages.

Now she understood all her friends’ words, the words they had written and spoken to her then, that time is the true healer.

She really never thought time would heal her hurt heart and she turned deaf ears to their advices!

But now since the day he came into her life she can’t believe it happened to her again and that her friends were right all the while.

It was indeed just a matter of time.

His love made her forget her past and she is living her married life, new life, full of love, filled with his and her love.

And looking at her this way makes me say “love can happen anywhere anytime anyplace” it is just a matter of time and time indeed is a true healer!

(Author’s note: Seeing and feeling love; looking at people in love)