Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Change!!!

So often I am left to believe that things happen on its own accord yet at times I feel that I should have known some things that happen in ones life can be controlled and is in our hands. Looking back I feel maybe I left things to happen and take its own shape rather than make it happen according to my whims and fancies.!

If I had done that I feel my life now would have been different, definitely (not that I don't like the life I have now) but I wish to have a little difference!!!

The thought, did I atleast try, gnaws at me and I feel maybe I believed in ''let things happen on its own' too strongly!

 Maybe maybe I did try and change the course of things happening in my life and since I falied to change the 'happening things' I stuck to leaving it on its own! Whatever the reasons now I just feel I should have tried harder, a little harder.

The path I followed led me here (and it is good enough) and I wonder what lies in my path ahead (but this time I am just not going to sit back and watch 'things happening' like a good spectator but stand up and be a part to make paths I should tread on and make things happen according to my wishes!). 

This is The Change I seek!

Luv K

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