Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Diamond Heart!!!

Can one hate oneself?
I guess sometimes we can.
I believed I had a heart of stone, still does but guess the stone is not hard enough!
I want it to be hard so that it would be impossible to get through me.
I would be protected!
I would not care of things happening to me and around me.
Why is it difficult?
Why must it get softened and not hardened along the way?
Why can't I have a heart of a diamond (they say it is the hardest)?
I would like to have "a diamond" heart"!
So how can I achieve one?
Maybe I can start by hating myself(coz if you can hate yourself then how can you love others?)
So dear K I am turning myself into a diamond, a diamond heart, a heart that is stronger than a stone!

"A Diamond Heart"
  Signed ...

A Diamond Heart (of mine)!

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