Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Want To But Have To!

Because it is not in my hands. It is entirely in the hands of my fate and maybe yours too! What we wish, expect and  hope for never comes accordingly! In-fact it is quite the contrary. I know I am giving up, not because I want to but I have to!

Though pains initially I only hope (here i go again..hope...oh the very word!) for a better outcome in future due to this decision of mine. I know I am making quite an issue out of such a simple thing (is it simple by the way?). But I can't help it. Why can't I?(sigh :-()

If fate is responsible now for this decision of mine isn't fate responsible for paving my way to have this kinda decision now? Now when I don't want to but have to! Why couldn't fate intervene then? The initial days? Why did it make it seem so right? I know I am asking questions which have no answers but I believe I have the right to ask (though fruitless).

Why does things always happen according to its own free will?. Why can't we have powers over the decisions we make. Why does it get changed along the way? The things which we wish to happen in our life doesn't happen and the things which we don't wish to and have never thought of happens!

Such is the irony of life!

So keeping a stone in my heart, I have to tell you that I have to!. I just wish you know I don't want to but I have to!

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