Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Crazy (wise, sweet, funny) Head And My ♥!!!

At times this crazy head of mine has all these crazy thoughts cropping up! Without having a second thought, giving a second thought to the sprouting thoughts I just go ahead and say things which I shouldn't, things which I should keep to myself.

Sometimes such thoughts of mine are important ones but other times just some silly wild crazy kiddish/babyish thoughts. Then it has me wondering why and from where such thoughts crop up and as a counter response the very same crazy head 'o mine says because of 'this n that', 'such n such', blah blah blah and tries to get a connection, a link to such cropped up thoughts!

The 'crazy head 'o mine is definitely the boss most of the times but when my is given a chance to think it takes the power from the 'crazy head 'o mine' and generates even crazier (more) thoughts! When my ♥ takes rein from the head you can expect not-thought of thoughts! This heart brings forth tears, huge ones!!!

That time I crave for my crazy head and hope and wish so bad it take its position 'being the ever crazier boss' because though crazy it stops my tears and saves me from 'those puffy eyes'. But I tell you, if my head gives even a little attention to my ♥ it becomes stubborn and wants to be the leader. My head then is taken for a ride, roller-coaster ride!

One time my ♥ makes itself in-sync with my 'crazy head', make my head rule (my head smiles then) for a bit but that is my ♥'s tactic. It ever wants to stay and lead my head. Ofcourse my ♥ isn't bad. It is the best when given its own space.

It shows the loveable side of me. I look happy and may be a little pretty too! (smiles) :) But uh-uh my ♥ should be secondary. If I let my ♥ lead than I would become fragile (which I don't want to be).

I was strong, am strong and want to be strong with my heart following my 'crazy (sometimes wise) head silently and ruling may be as and when really needed by my crazy (sometimes sweet) head. That time my head (sometimes funny) and my lovely ♥ is in perfect sync (as if made for each other)...sigh love love love...BIG TIME, mwah!

I can go on and on with thoughts from my head and my ♥ but would love to end it when (now they are in-sync) on a sweet note!
So from my crazy head and my ♥ Love, Hugs and Kisses ...


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